About Us


Our company was established in 2002, and its fields of activity include aluminum facade cladding systems, glass balconies, sunroofs, winter gardens, blinds and shutters, office partitions, plastic and aluminum joinery systems. With our expert staff and special solution suggestions for you, we provide service with our factory, which is established on a total area of 4000m², 1500m² open and 2500m² closed. In addition, we reach you, our valued customers, with the representations of Istanbul Ataşehir and Izmir region. In addition to domestic sales, we export to many countries of the world. While doing these, we are committed to serving our customers flawlessly and selflessly from the moment of order to the moment of delivery, keeping customer satisfaction in the foreground from past to present.

Our Mission

Our basic philosophy is to design, produce and market competitive applications throughout Turkey in line with customer expectations and strategic goals, with a transparent, accountable and responsible management approach based on a superior understanding of business ethics and sustainable quality.

Our Vision

We aim to be a global leader in our sector, following the principles of equality, transparency, accountability and responsibility that form the basis of corporate governance, growing rapidly with strong brands, respecting people, nature and the law, integrating continuity in the satisfaction of its social stakeholders with the philosophy of excellence into all of its activities.